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The world is now a global village with numerous cases like; assault, rape,burglary e. t. c and whenever you go against the law, regardless of which crime you have committed , there is nowhere you can hide and therefore you have to face it .The law is always clear once you’re a suspect it’s upon you to prove in courts of law of being innocent else you’re guilty. Fortunately it could have been better to convict the suspect alone if proven guilty, but this is not the case in our societies ” both the  convict and his family are convicted within the societies. While the convicted criminal is serving his term behind bars ,his family on the other hand is serving the same in the society. AFIFA (Advocacy For Incarcerated Family) comes in for this particular cause, to uncuff the family,  through its main three projects namely WIMA Wives of  Incarcerated Men Advocacy, SCIP (Support For Children of Incarcerated Parents) and CAREX- CON ( Comprehensive Approach For the Re- integration of Ex convictd) to uncuff the family from serving the second term on behalf of the convict in the society. AFIFA hopes to transform lives of innocent souls suffering at the cost of their convicted parents within our societies.Aristotle once said ” Anyone can be angry-that’s easy.But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way -that is not easy” Truly we as AFIFA we’re making it easy.

Mr. David onyango.

Busia County coordinator.

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