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I salute you all,
Bungoma County has many families from all walks of life incarceration. Incarceration is rampant at village levels even through the entire Bungoma County and in all the other counties. It has also been established that it is a big challenge facing our country and the global village at large.
AFIFA NGO (Advocacy For Incarcerated Families), which consists of: WIMA (Wives of Incarcerated Men), SCIP (Support Children for Incarcerated Parents) and CAREX-C ON services (Comprehensive Approach to the Reintegrated of Ex-Convicts), has come to salvage the affected families especially women and children under the scourge of incarceration: Discrimination; Harassment; lack of protection and security, Lack of basic needs; Education, Medication and Mentorship.
AFIFA NGO is going to offer, security and protection. Also by giving the target group the psycho-social, socio-economic and spiritual Mentorship by “Uncuffing the Family”
Welcome all to the AFIFA family.
God bless you all

Mr Bramuel Wanjala.

Bungoma County coordinator, AFIFA

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