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The state of being in prison has brought about AFIFA that stands” Advocacy for Incarcerated Families” that intends to breach the gap between a child and wife of an incarcerated person and an ordinary civilian who is enjoying all liberties enshrined in the Constitution. AFIFA through its projects and programs (WIMA)Wives of incarcerated Men Advocacy , (SCIP), Support for children of Incarcerated Parents and CAREX-CON (Comprehensive Approach to the Integration of Ex-Convicts) seek to improve access to quality education, welfare, relief, Re-integration back to the community and good governance to the affected families.


As Denzel Washington is quoted saying “the most selfish thing you can do in this world is to help someone else. Why is it selfish? It is because of the gratification, the good feeling, nothing is better than that.” AFIFA will uphold its core values compassion, justice, integrity and transparency to the affected families. The joy is in the success of helping others.

Mrs Caroline kavulavu

Vihiga County coordinator, AFIFA.

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